VisionBridge in collaboration with Sight and Sound Technology (SST)

VisionBridge in collaboration with Sight and Sound Technology (SST) continues to widen access to appropriate vi assistive technology and hunt for the very best wearables, portables, solutions and apps which can improve the quality of life for those experiencing sight loss, visual processing and related sensory challenges.

We are delighted to report that a low vision device called the Oxsight Onyx has been identified in the UK, trialed and tested and is now ready for launch!

Designed for those with central vision loss, the Onyx can deliver an Improved ability to read and identify text, recognise faces, watch screens and tv and enhance independence across a range of daily tasks. There are no complex Apps or connections required and the build quality is superb. The unit is lightweight and is priced competitively against other low vision technologies at £1,499.00 with the added benefit of being small enough to fit into a pocket!

The Onyx can be used out of the box and needs no specialist training to access all the features. It does not need to be worn permanently and can be simply put to the face when the user needs to review the scene or engage its other functions.

I urge all leaders of patient support groups and professionals across education, social care and eye/healthcare/voluntary/community sectors to speak to their members, patients, clients and those in their care, about this remarkably innovative new low vision device.

VisionBridge supports any disruptive technology that can improve the independence, mobility, connectivity, confidence, educational and employment opportunities, mental health and emotional-wellbeing of anyone experiencing sight-loss. We feel that the Oxsight Onyx really ticks all these boxes!

For more information about how to trial this device and indeed purchase it, please click on these links where you can register your interest:

For general information, contact SST on: and call the team on 01604 798070 plus option 1.

Julian Jackson
07773 800073