VisionBridge continues to support innovation in the fields of assistive, diagnostic, monitoring and testing equipment, for the ultimate benefit of patients.

To illustrate this, in collaboration with Sight and Sound Technology we are supporting the release of a new, high fidelity Fluorescein Filter that Aston Vision Sciences (AVS) has developed which provides superior viewing performance and is especially good at seeing tear film break up used for dry eye disease assessment, partial blinks and foreign bodies in the eye. The unit is small, can be held by hand or fitted to most common slit lamps allowing for handsfree operation. Most importantly it has a custom yellow colour formula that AVS developed that is tuned to work close to the fluorescein emission spectrum, meaning clinicians get high clarity and contrast compared to others on the market- all at a much lower price. Performance is very strong in lower blue-light levels which is more pleasurable for patients too.


Filter trialists have commented for example:

“Great colour profile. Staining really ‘pops’ on the eye and pooling positively blazes! Compact design makes it easy to hold with one hand and it’s rigid so doesn’t get weird creases on it from being bent or alter the optics down the slit lamp. Neat clip is brilliant if it fits your slit lamp. can put it on one handed very easily. Unless you have a built in yellow filter, this is the simply the best option available. You have achieved ‘yellow filter nirvana’. I can see no way you can improve it further in any respect, short of building it into slit lamps.”


“The yellow filter is an amazing asset to improve the fluorescein visualisation of the cornea epithelial surface for subtle changes that may be easily missed otherwise. It is also a great teaching tool for junior ophthalmology trainees, optometrists and nurse practitioners who are starting to learn how to look for these changes as it clearly highlight them even with minimal fluorescein staining”


“It is great to see a robust, regulatory approved yellow filter based on our research, become available for all those slit lamp biomicroscopes that don’t have one built in. A yellow filter is vital for optimised viewing of fluorescein on the ocular surface and its spectral transmission needs to be carefully selected. In addition, the AVS filter clips in place, making examination of the eye easier.”


Please click this link for more context. Contact for more information about the availability of filters for purchase.

CLICK HERE : A consultant’s experience of conducting an eye examination with the new filter – December 2023 

Without Filter

With Filter

The filter using different slitlamps