Smart money on Waymap Led by TELUS Canada


Announcing an exciting investment development for a digital wayfinding solution that offers a “head up, hands free” experience for users, providing highly accurate, step by step navigational and orientational support for abled and differently-abled communities worldwide.

This is echoed in their press release, “Waymap offers a world-leading precise navigation app which works indoors, outdoors and underground. We are a Deep-Tech company developing software set to revolutionise the way we all access the world. Independent of GPS, WiFi or Mobile Data, our accurate and reliable step-by-step navigation relies solely on a revolutionary algorithm, SmartStep, which uses only the motion sensors on a smartphone and the user’s steps. Where other navigation apps on the market don’t work inside and underground, or for users with complex needs or journeys, Waymap will make navigation and smart cities truly inclusive. Initially designed to enhance the lives of blind users, its utility extends to all. With accuracy up to 1 metre, our technology surpasses others, facilitating navigation around transit networks and busy shopping centres, adapting to users' habits. Additionally, our location technology offers broader applications: its probability-based location finding will have use across all areas of smart city living, and for any company or individual looking to accurately pinpoint precise location.”