VisionBridge supports Ocuwell

VisionBridge CIC hails another innovation in support of eye health.

Ocuwell has successfully secured a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Invention for Innovation (i4i) grant to commercialise corneal topography technology in a device that combines low cost and portability with precision and advanced technologies. Topography devices are essential for the management of corneal disorders. Current devices are considered bulky and expensive and only available in specialised clinics (Statista data). Their absence in most optometry clinics has led to late diagnosis and long-term impact on patients with poor visual acuity. Corneal disorders affect up to 135m globally at a young age, creating negative effects on patients’ professional careers and mental health, 23 million of whom have visual impairment as a result of late diagnosis. There is an immediate need for an accessible yet precise and advanced topography device. With OCUWELL’s palm-size and low cost technology, it becomes accessible for use in primary and secondary care clinics, for mass screening in schools and even for domiciliary use. OCUWELL prototypes have been tested in clinical trials in the UK, India, Nepal and Egypt. Results match the reference standard in topography, with feedback noting areas for improvement that require funding.

Dr Ashkan Eliasy (PhD MBA Meng), CEO & Co-Founder of Ocuwell commented: “The support given by VisionBridge to the technology development and this project has been a major positive development. VisionBridge has helped OCUWELL establish a wide network of contacts, assisted communication efforts for outreach, distribution and product design and will (as a project partner) be supporting further interaction with patient groups over the next few years. The project will provide opportunities for community-level awareness training and Schools’ outreach focused on disease characteristics, and the need for early detection and timely treatment. These activities will be guided by VisionBridge and benefit from the long experience of the Brazil patient group in this field.”

VisionBridge CIC continues to work with startups and spinouts from universities and the private sector to secure funding, networking opportunities and developmental expertise in their journey towards market readiness.