Report 2020 Testimonials

Feel free to forward the Report 2020 link or pdf to all your contacts, colleagues, clients and patients.

Recent feedback from readers include:

“You are inspirational in your awesome work to link and connect people to share knowledge.This is the way forward for the future of interdisciplinary shared expertise and innovation.”

“Fantastic work on this. It is powerful testimony and a great resource”

 “To see Eye Research getting a higher profile is fantastic. Your efforts are much welcomed and appreciated by the ophthalmic research community and ultimately the patients who will benefit from the research.”

“What a really really good summary of research.  There is loads of real interest to our profession. The kind of thing I’d encourage members/registrants to dip in and out of and follow up as suits their interests. Thanks for sharing.”

“CONGRATULATIONS for the Report! It is very interesting and useful, not only for patients but also for many researchers and clinicians working in this field.”