Julian Jackson: Maximising access to appropriate Assistive Technology in the Learning Environment

My name is Julian Jackson, I am Founder and Director of an independent social enterprise “VisionBridge” (www.visionbridge.org.uk). My aim is to promote eye health, increase the awareness and understanding of sight loss and introduce the extraordinary world of eye research to all age groups, teachers, eye health professionals and the wider sight Impaired community across the UK.

My own experience of education over 50 years ago was very poor. Sitting at the front of the class was my only option as a severely sight impaired child. The lack of technology to read texts, comprehend what the teacher had written up on the board or even navigate around the school, really held me back. In 2020, thanks to the incredible advances in assistive technology, my school experiences are a distant memory for today’s pupils and they can now choose from a widening array of devices and technologies to assist their progress through the education system.

Those childhood experiences inspired me to collaborate with leading distributor of assistive technology Sight and Sound Technology. I am now on a mission to maximise access for all children and young adults to the fast changing and evolving world of assistive technology from the Braille Sense Polaris to the Taptilo learning system and Windows 10 tablet ElBraille device that can help them thrive in education supported by their QTVI’s.