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  • “This is a tremendously informative piece of work that will be of immense value to researchers, funders, policy -makers, patients and the public.  It really demonstrates the breadth of skills and expertise in UK eye research, something we should all be very proud of while continuously striving to achieve more.  Thank you for putting this report together in such an impactful way”.

Professor Julie T Daniels
Director Moorfields Eye Hospital Cells for Sight ATMP facility     

  • “This is an astonishing piece of work in terms of the breadth and scope and how you have amalgamated all this technical prose into a very valuable document. I was amazed at the breadth and depth of eye research in the UK and Ireland. I think you have made a fair summary and I like how you have organised things”.

Professor Colin Willoughby
Professor of Molecular Ophthalmology
Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease
University of Liverpool  

  • ”The report is very impressive, and covers all important aspects of research”.

Professor Augusto Azuara-Blanco
Queen’s University, Belfast  

  • ”This is excellent and it must have taken ages to collate the information and write this. It is amazing how you managed to get so many big leaders in their fields who have national and international reputations to contribute”.

Professor Phil Murray
Professor of Ophthalmology, part of the Birmingham Behçet Centre of Excellence    

  • “The report you’ve put together looks great. I’m amazed by the number of “big names” that you’ve got insights from”.

Dr Pearse A Keane
NIHR Clinician Scientist and Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist
NIHR Biomedical Research Centre
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

  • ”I think you’ve done a tremendous job with this. It sends a strong and clear message to all stakeholders about the urgent need for greater attention to be given to eye and vision research. I think the scientific community, clinicians, and patients would all be very appreciative of the support that you are lending to this cause. I like the introductions to each section. I feel that these are engaging, and capture the essence of what is most needed in those particular categories. I agree that you have the right number of research cases too. I haven’t read them all, but from those that I selected, I think you have a comprehensive mix here”.

Dr Tony Redmond
Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of Postgraduate research,
Cardiff University  

  • ”This is a very impressive document which covers a huge breadth of eye research yet as you rightly say is still only a sample of what is happening.  I think it reads well some areas like the Orthoptics span more than one section but I like that it is divided up.  Overall I think it achieves what you set out to do”.

Professor Helen Davis
Professor of Orthoptics
The University of Sheffield    

  • ”I think it is an impressive piece of work. It is very well written and includes a wealth of information that should be useful to anyone working in ophthalmology – including researchers so that they know what others are doing”.

Professor Ahmed Elsheikh
Professor of Biomaterial Mechanics
Centre for Materials and Structures,
University of Liverpool    

  • ”I must congratulate you. This is the most comprehensive overview of vision research in the UK that I have ever seen, so apart from your intended purpose, it is of great value to all the individual contributors (wow, how well you have done to get so many key names involved) as a reference to allow us to be more aware of who is doing what and where. Many thanks for including me. Re your Introduction, you make a great”.

Professor Keith Meek
Professor and Chair of Structural Biophysics Research Group
Cardiff University