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The report ‘Eye Research – an equal partner’ is available to download as a pdf.

PDF file: ‘Eye Research – an equal partner’ Report 2020

If you would like to view the report online, please follow this link.

About the Report

“Celebrating innovation in eye research”

The Report 2020 “Eye Research – an equal partner” compiled and edited by Julian Jackson, acknowledges National Eye Health Week (20 – 26 Sept) 2020 and is testament to the way in which eye research continues to evolve and impact in ways unforeseen even 5 years ago. Collaboration amongst scientists and institutions is stronger than ever, rehab technology such as Smart glasses and bioptics are becoming even more sophisticated and the development of hardware from cortical visual prostheses to intraocular telescopic implants reflect the genius of clinicians and researchers worldwide, sitting upstream of hospitals and clinics. Highly innovative drug delivery mechanisms and non-invasive therapies combined with counselling, point to potential longer term positive outcomes for patients and greater cost savings within the NHS.

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